SOUTHEAST VOCATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED is an education-consulting firm dedicated to providing a comprehensive and reliable range of services for the education industry. As a Qualified Actor in the industry, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals in training teachers, students and employees. SouthEast has its Parent company based in the United Kingdom with over 8 years experience in the Education industry. We are a result-driven enterprise, branded on the strengths of our top quality service delivery and customer service-; we deliver training programs and provide customer value through personalized offerings and customer experience differentiation.

We have dynamic and qualified Assessors and Tutors who will tailor their lesson plan to suit the candidate’s needs. We collaborate with organizations that share our customer value and deliver our service promise. We offer several senior management short-term courses both at Local and International levels.


As an Education Consulting firm, we are committed to providing students and school management with appropriate tools and services to continually improve and enhance their educational capacity. SouthEast takes care in providing the most advanced and innovative technologies in educational equipment for the classroom, library and auditorium as well as technical apparatus for science, computer and design and technology laboratories, physical education and the playground.


Through our dedication to customer-centred innovation and firm partnerships, we have established continuous capabilities across the educational sector and digital/ICT world. We create maximum value for our clients by providing competitive solutions and services.

The increasingly widespread of Technology has brought an adoption of tablets, digital contents from E-readers to learning management systems and multimedia textbooks. This has led students and educators to expect more interaction via software and digital content as learning proceeds. Hence, education investments now focus on tools that not only provide value motivating students as well as educators to be active participants in their own education but also increase collaboration in the learning environment.

SouthEast also specialises in providing management consultancy advice and related business services to the public sector in a number of areas ranging from strategy development. (i.e. conception of ideas) to implementation, through project and programme management. We recognise that every client has unique requirements; hence, we always offer a tailored service to each of our clients depending on their aims and objectives. We provide our clients with the means of achieving their business in the short, medium and more importantly the long run.



Our objective

To become the primary educational consulting company, to develop trusting relationships with our clients and seamlessly integrate with clients’ staff and help to achieve agreed objectives.



Our Mission

To provide the best practical advice and consultancy support to our clients, to offer support on the academic pursuit and deliver to the highest of professional standards while also resulting in the addition of value to an organization.