Adult Learning

Southeast Training Centre offers a wide variety of courses. The centre is open on Monday to Saturdays excluding Thursdays from 10am - 6pm. You will learn at your own pace, supported by friendly tutors.

What can I learn?


Our course list includes:




Vocational Training level 2-5



·         Transportation

·         Children and young People Workforce (CYPW)

·         Information Technology(ITQ)

·         Customer Services

·         Apprenticeship

·         Business Administration

·         Health and Social care

·         Functional skills

·         A1 Award ( qualification for an Assessor )

·         Cleaning

·         Security

·         Hair dressing


Completion of your training is the production of a portfolio of qualifications in a single qualification


Our Adult Learning Programs are run within a period of 4 - 9 months with a flexible time and workplace observations and on the job training.


Everything you need to know about a range of part-time adult (19+) day-time and evening courses.  Whether you want to learn for leisure or wish to improve your job prospects — or maybe you want to help your family to learn.