My name is Lou Rosee, I come from France. I decided to come to South East Training Centre to do an internship for 2 months. I’m specialized in marketing and communication, recently I graduated from the University of Rouen, I have a degree in Applied Languages. During my  2 months here, I assisted Joseph Israel, the Marketing Officer, in the marketing development of the company. First, I created the flyers as a tool for advertisement.  Then I helped to build some columns for the new website.  I also took part in calling customers and talking to them about our training. Occasionally, I was an office assistant as well. I had to answer the phone and I attended people at the front office.

It was interesting to discover the working world in an English-speaking country. Doing a work placement in South East Training Centre means learning to become skilful. For sure, this two-month internship enabled me to improve my English and so far when I go back to France not only will I have better English but also my skills in marketing will be richer. This experience was a good opportunity to meet new people and it was pleasant to work in a fantastic atmosphere

Thank you

Lou Rosee


Applied Languages

University of Rouen, .



My name is Celine BONK, I come from France and currently, I am studying International Management at Groupe ESC Troyes.

I thought that doing an internship in London will be a great opportunity to improve my English language. So, when I found this internship, I was very happy, knowing that when I return to France my English language would have improved.

During the  2-month internship, I worked in the London office assisting Sandra Gyamera, the administrator, in administration. And I also assisted Immaculate Nyama, the office administrator, in customers’ service.

It was interesting to discover the working world in an English speaking country.

Later, I would like to specialize myself in Marketing and Communication. Thanks to this internship, I met a lot of great people. It was a good experience.

Many thanks

Celine BONK


Groupe ESC Troyes